Fork me on GitHub Russian gas flows to Europe, storage rates
Russian gas flows to Europe, sourced from ENTSO-G, gas storage levels from GIE.
Be careful, this realtime graph is not always correct (especially the last hour)!

100GW = around 250 million m³/day (roughly). We don't know the contracts and pricing details behind this flow of gas, but if you'd want to buy a megawatt-hour of natural gas for November delivery, you can find the most up to date prices here.

Some further background can be found in in this blog post.

Uzhgorod is on the Ukrainian border, and is also called Veľké Kapušany. The Yamal pipes are also called Mallnow, Jamal or Jagal. Nordstream meanwhile is also known as Greifswald in other tables.

As long as the EU storage graph is positive, we are filling up our reserves. Similar data but going back further in time and with prettier graphs & much more data can be found on this Bruegel page.

This graph shows how much energy is available in natural gas storage sites in the EU. The black dotted lines are simple linear predictions based on the past 7 days. The line ends April 15th of each year, typically the end of heating season. The vertical dotted lines are "the same date n years ago".

Data sourced daily from ENTSO-G, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas and GIE, Gas Infrastructure Europe (thanks!). Very rough pricing indication based on Dutch TTF Gas. Please let me know urgently if I am missing any pipelines, or if I am misintepreting the data!

All data and scripts are on GitHub. Page by bert hubert, or @bert_hu_bert.