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Welcome, gentle reader.

If you have been programming for any length of time in a Unix environment, you will have encountered the mystical programs Lex & YACC, or as they are known to GNU/Linux users worldwide, Flex & Bison, where Flex is a Lex implementation by Vern Paxon and Bison the GNU version of YACC. We will call these programs Lex and YACC throughout - the newer versions are upwardly compatible, so you can use Flex and Bison when trying our examples.

These programs are massively useful, but as with your C compiler, their manpage does not explain the language they understand, nor how to use them. YACC is really amazing when used in combination with Lex, however, the Bison manpage does not describe how to integrate Lex generated code with your Bison program.


2003-02-10 Daiki Onishi contributed a Japanese translation!
2001-05-16Lots of people (some of them from the excellent comp.compilers newsgroup) have contributed suggestions, links to other documentation and have been fixing mistakes, thanks! I've also removed the warning that used to be here saying that I was not too sure about the correctness of the HOWTO. Since receiving a lot of comments, I think we are not nearly perfect yet, but no longer dangerously wrong :-)
2001-05-13Added One Big Page HTML output
2001-05-13Shifted to using left-recursion everywhere. Fixed typos. Added more documentation. More meat, in general. Bumped version to 0.8 to signify that we are nearing completion
2001-05-07Added a section on debugging, shift/reduce and reduce/reduce conflicts. Added a C++ chapter
2001-05-06Added a section on %union.
2001-05-06First release. As ESR says, release early, release often.


Current version is 0.8 Files were last updated at


This HOWTO is intended to be very much a Bazaar style development. If it were to be any more open, bits would fall out.

A CVS tree is available. try this:

$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anon@outpost.ds9a.nl:/var/cvsroot
$ cvs login
CVS password: [enter 'cvs' (without 's)]
$ cvs co lex-yacc
cvs server: Updating lex-yacc
The idea is that this HOWTO will be a cooperative effort, much like the Linux kernel itself. For the moment, we will be playing 'Linus', and we soon hope to be joined by Alans, Daves, Ingos etcetera.

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