PowerDNS Recursor Performance Graphs

QuestionsEnd-user initiated DNS questions
Out-queriesRecursor initiated questions to other nameservers
ThrottledIf a certain nameserver is not responding, or if it is, but returning unuseful answers, the query can get prevented from happening and causing delay. This is called a 'throttled out-query'
Outgoing timeoutAn out-query that did not generate an answer within 1 or 2 seconds
Noerror answerA Question that was answered without an error status
NXDOMAIN answerA Question that was answered with a positive indication that there is no answer
SERVFAIL answerNo answer could be given because the nameservers carrying the answer did not respond, or were throttled
Cache hits/missesA query is judged a cache-hit if it could be answered without generating any out-queries