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Version 0.4 has just been released (5th of May 2005), download it as a tar.gz or a .deb!

See the timeline to see the latest splitpipe developments!

Visit Development for up to the second updates. Finally, you can now join us on IRC on #splitpipe on irc.oftc.net.

Splitpipe is a program that allows the output of a program to span multiple volumes. Volumes might be DVD's, CD's, files, entire hard disks or floppies.

A command line says more than a thousand words:

# tar cz /home | splitpipe -s dvd -o 'growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=/dev/stdin'
To restore:
# joinpipe /dev/dvd | tar xz

The two lines above backup /home to one, or more DVDs, prompting the operator to change media once a volume is full. For more, see Examples, or a screenshot.