This page lists some examples of how to use splitpipe. Please email bert hubert <ahu@ds9a.nl> if you have done cool things and would like to share them!

Burning to CD

cdrecord works well, even though it has become a walking advertisement for Solaris these days. Good results have been achieved with:

#  tar clz / | splitpipe -s cdr-80 -o 'cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom speed=24 -tao -v -gracetime 2 driveropts=burnfree -data -'
# joinpipe /dev/cdrom | tar xz

If you don't want to use, or can't use, burnfree, try the following:

#  tar cl / | gzip --fast | splitpipe -s cdr-80 -b 50 -o 'cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom speed=24 -tao fs=20m -gracetime 2 -data -'

The above uses a faster gzip compression and instructs both splitpipe and cdrecord to use larger buffers.


WARNING: The command line above does consume 70 megabytes of RAM!

Burning to DVD

growisofs works very well:

# tar c /home | gzip --fast | splitpipe -b 50 -s dvd -o 'growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=/dev/stdin'


This requires a fast network, but is doable:

# ssh remote "tar clz / | bfr -b50M" | splitpipe -b 50 -s dvd -o 'growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=/dev/stdin'