Hire Me - semi-popular science writing

In short, if you need engaging in-depth articles on your scientific project, your research breakthrough or the grand new technical/space/molecular/medical thing you are building, you can hire me!

(Semi-)Popular science writing

I do a lot of what I call “(Semi-)popular science writing”. My recent article dissecting the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 vaccine has racked up over 1.5 million views (so far), and it has done the rounds of the pharmaceutical world where it got favourable reviews. This article has also been translated into 23 languages.

While there is no shortage of popular science writing, I can contribute to outreach to audiences with an appetite for more technical background and details on important scientific, medical or engineering topics. These are the articles your researchers and engineers themselves would likely want to read, but never get round to writing.

Semi-popular science writing can be a great boon to recruiting or generally generating support for your work among policy makers and professionals.

Here are some other representative pieces, none of which were commissioned:

Almost all my work can be found here.

I have a strong background in:

These are subjects I can rapidly deliver engaging content on. I am in regular communication with many scientific groups, pharmaceutical companies and space projects, so I will have no trouble gathering the data and doing the research needed to get my writing done.

Contact & Rates

Just to spare us some mutual disappointment, I do not work for exposure, since I have no shortage of that. A typical commission will cost a thousand euros or more.

If you are an open source unfunded project, or you represent science from a low or middle income country, we can talk about free work.

I can be contacted on bert@hubertnet.nl and I hope to hear from you!